Company: Studio 100

Role: media / data researcher / analyst

Period: March ’18 – now 

Studio 100 is one of Belgium’s well known and respected producers of kids and family content. Beloved characters that this company has brought to life: Samson & Gert, K3, Kabouter Plop, Maya de Bij,…just to name a few. But Studio 100 is also known for more adult entertainment such as Njam!, Belgium’s first and only cooking channel to the likes of FoodTV in the US.

Studio 100 boomed very quickly in the past few years and expanded to other countries as well, even owning and operating production companies as far as Australia. As a result, the company is sitting on a lot of data, but needed help to navigate through the available info, isolate the relevant learnings in order to optimise the way they worked and have a more data-led approach.

I was brought to their attention through an ex-colleague of mine at Viacom and started working with them in March 2018.

Want to learn how you can optimise your marketing efforts as well? Let me know here.

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